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xgb.save.rawR Documentation

Save xgboost model to R's raw vector, user can call xgb.load.raw to load the model back from raw vector


Save xgboost model from xgboost or xgb.train


xgb.save.raw(model, raw_format = "deprecated")



the model object.


The format for encoding the booster. Available options are

  • json: Encode the booster into JSON text document.

  • ubj: Encode the booster into Universal Binary JSON.

  • deprecated: Encode the booster into old customized binary format.

Right now the default is deprecated but will be changed to ubj in upcoming release.


data(agaricus.train, package='xgboost')
data(agaricus.test, package='xgboost')
train <- agaricus.train
test <- agaricus.test
bst <- xgboost(data = train$data, label = train$label, max_depth = 2,
               eta = 1, nthread = 2, nrounds = 2,objective = "binary:logistic")
raw <- xgb.save.raw(bst)
bst <- xgb.load.raw(raw)
pred <- predict(bst, test$data)

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