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Diagnostics for Pharmacometric Models

add_facet_varAdd faceting variable
aes_cSet new default value for ggplot2 aesthetics
aes_filterConvenience function to easily filter ggplot2 aesthetics
aes_renameConvenience function to easily rename ggplot2 aesthetics
all_data_problemGet all data problems
all_file_problemGet all file problems
amt_vs_idvCompartment kinetics
append_suffixAppend suffix contained in the 'xp_theme' to titles
as.ctimeTime converter
as.nm.table.listConvert an object to 'nm_table_list' class
as.xpdbConvert an object to 'xpose_data' class
as.xpose.plotConvert an object to 'xpose_plot' class
as.xpose.themeConvert an object to 'xpose_theme' class
check_plot_typeCheck plot 'type'
check_problemCheck .problem, .subprob and .method
check_quo_varsCheck quoted variables
check_scalesCheck plot scales
check_xpdbCheck xpdb
combine_tablesCombine tables
data_optCreate options for data import
default_plot_problemGet the default data problem to be plotted
distrib_plotDistribution plots of ETA and parameters
drop_fixed_colsReturn names of columns having several unique values
dv_vs_predObservations plotted against model predictions
edit_xpose_dataMaster xpdb editing function
fetch_dataFetch data
file_pathGenerate clean file paths
filter_xp_themeSubset an 'xp_theme'
get_codeAccess model code
get_dataAccess model output table data
get_extensionGet file extension
get_fileAccess model output file data
get_prmAccess model parameters
get_prm_transformation_formulasGenerate default transformation formulas for parameters
get_specialAccess special model data
get_summaryAccess model summary data
gg_themesAn additional set of themes for ggplot2
grab_iterGrab parameter for a given iteration number
index_tableIndex table columns
ind_plotsObservations, individual predictions and population...
irepAdd simulation counter
is.formulaTest for formula class
is.nm.modelTest for nm_model class
is.nm.table.listTest for nm_table_list class
is.xpdbTest for xpose_data class
is.xpose.plotTest for xpose_plot class
is.xpose.themeTest for xpose_theme class
last_data_problemGet last data problem
last_file_methodGet last file estimation method
last_file_problemGet last file problem
last_file_subprobGet last file subproblem
list_nm_tablesList NONMEM output tables
list_nm_tables_manualCreates an nm_table_list from manually defined table name...
list_varsList available variables
list_xpdbList available datasets
make_extensionGenerate extension string
manual_nm_importManually define nonmem tables to be imported
merge_firstonlyMerge firstonly table with full length tables
minimization_plotsParameter value or gradient vs. iterations
modify_xpdbAdd, remove or rename variables in an xpdb
msgMessage function
only_distinctCreate functions for data deduplication
only_obsCreate functions to drop non observation records
parse_argParse arguments from xpose to ggplot2 format
parse_nm_filesParse NONMEM output files
parse_titleParse keywords in string based on values contained in an xpdb
pred_vs_idvObservations and model predictions plotted against the...
print.xpose_dataPrint an xpose_data object
print.xpose_plotDraw an xpose_plot object
prm_tableDisplay a parameter estimates to the console
qq_plotQQ plots of ETA and residuals
raw_to_tibbleConvert raw strings to tibble
read_argsDefine data import arguments
read_funsDefine data import functions
read_nm_filesNONMEM output file import function
read_nm_modelNONMEM model file parser
read_nm_tablesNONMEM output table import function
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
reorder_factorsReorder factors by numerical order
res_vs_idvResiduals plotted against the independent variable
res_vs_predResiduals plotted against population predictions
set_varsSet variable type, label or units
softwareGet software from the xpdb
subset_xpdbSubset datasets in an xpdb
summarise_xpdbGroup/ungroup and summarize variables in an xpdb
summary.xpose_dataSummarizing xpose_data
template_titlesTemplate titles
tidyr_new_interfaceCheck tidyr version
transform_prmMean and variance of tranformed parameters
update_argsUpdate 'xpose_geoms' arguments
update_extensionUpdate file extension
update_themesCreate xpose theme
vpcVisual predictive checks
vpc_dataVisual predictive checks data
vpc_optGenerate a list of options for VPC data generation
xpdb_ex_pk'xpose_data' examples
xpdb_index_updateUpdate data index
xp_geomsGeneric ggplot2 layer for 'xpose_plots'
xplot_distribDefault xpose distribution plot function
xplot_qqDefault xpose QQ plot function
xplot_scatterDefault xpose scatter plot function
xp_mapggplot2 layer call
xpose_dataImport NONMEM output into R
xpose-packagexpose: graphical diagnostics for pharmacometric models
xpose_panelsGeneric panel function for 'xpose_plots'
xpose_saveSave xpose plot
xp_themesA set of xpose themes
xp_varAccess xpdb index information for a given variable or...
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