Man pages for xxIRT
Item Response Theory and Computer-Based Testing in R

ataAutomated Test Assembly (ATA)
ata_helpersHelper functions of ATA
cat_simSimulation of Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT)
cronbach_alphaCronbach's alpha
estimate_3plEstimate 3-parameter-logistic model
estimate_gpcmEstimate Generalizaed Partial Credit Model
estimate_grmEstimate Graded Response Model
estimate_helpersHelper functions of Model Estimation
expected_raw_score_dist#' Distribution of Expected Raw Scores
freqFrequency Counts
hermite_gaussHermite-Gauss Quadrature
model_3pl3-parameter-logistic model
model_gpcmGeneralized Partial Credit Model
model_grmGraded Response Model
mstComputerized Multistage Testing (MST)
mst_simSimulation of Multistage Testing
rmseRoot Mean Squared Error
spearman_brownSpearman Brown Prophecy
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