Man pages for AlexChristensen/NetworkToolbox
Network Filtering Methods and Measures

betweennessBetwenness Centrality
centlistList of Centrality Measures
closenessCloseness Centrality
clustcoeffClustering Coefficient
connNetwork Connectivity
dependDependency Matrix
ECOECO Neural Network Filter
ECOplusMaSTECO+MaST Network Filter
edgerepEdge Replication
eigenvectorEigenvector Centrality
hexHEXACO Openness to Experience Response Matrix
hexbHEXACO Openness to Experience Response Matrix (Binarized)
hybridHybrid Centrality
impactNode Impact
leverageLeverage Centrality
MaSTMaximum Spanning Tree
pathlengthsCharacteristic Path Lengths
prepbootBootstrapped Network Preprocessing
rspbcRandomized Shortest Paths Betweenness Centrality
strengthNode Strength
TMFGTriangulated Maximally Filtered Graph
walkbootBootstrapped Walktrap Communities Likelihood
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