Man pages for AndersenLab/COPASutils
Tools for processing COPAS large-particle flow cytometer data

COPASutilsCOPASutils - Easy reading, processing, and manipulation of...
edgeEffectDetect edge effects on 96-well plates
extractTimeSet time to relative
fillWellsFill in any missing well rows with NA values
plotCompareVisualize and compare values and distributions across...
plotCorMatrixPlot a correlation matrix within a plate or between plates
plotDRPlot a dose response curve by strain across a plate
plotDR_allTraitsPlot dose response curves for all traits
plotTraitCreate faceted plots for every well in a 96-well plate
readPlateRead in the sorter data with minimal processing
readSorterRead in raw sorter data
removeWellsRemove wells from a data frame representing a plate
summarizePlateCondense all objects examined to appropriate well
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