Man pages for Bioconductor/AnnotationHubData
Transform public data resources into Bioconductor Data Structures

AnnotationHubData-packageTransform public data resources into Bioconductor Data...
AnnotationHubMetadata-classClass '"AnnotationHubMetadata"' and methods
ImportPreparer-classClass 'ImportPreparer' and generic 'newResources'
makeAnnotationHubMetadataMake AnnotationHubMetadata objects from csv file of metadata
makeEnsemblFastaFunctions to convert Ensembl FASTA files to FaFile and...
makeGencodeFastaRecipe to add Gencode FASTA resources to AnnotationHub
makeStandardOrgDbsFunctions to add OrgDb and TxDb sqlite files to AnnotationHub
upload_to_S3Upload a file to Amazon S3
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