Man pages for Bioconductor/DelayedArray
Delayed operations on array-like objects

Array-classArray objects
ArrayGrid-classArrayGrid and ArrayViewport objects
bind-arraysBind arrays along their rows or columns
blockGridDefine grids to use in the context of block processing
block_processingBlock processing of an array-like object
DelayedArray-classDelayedArray objects
DelayedArray-statsStatistical functions on DelayedArray objects
DelayedArray-utilsCommon operations on DelayedArray objects
DelayedMatrix-statsDelayedMatrix row/col summarization
DelayedMatrix-utilsCommon operations on DelayedMatrix objects
DelayedOp-classDelayedOp objects
linearIndConverting array indices into linear indices
makeCappedVolumeBoxUtilities to make capped volume boxes
mapToGridMap reference array positions to grid positions and...
read_blockRead/write blocks of array data
RealizationSink-classRealizationSink objects
realizeRealize a DelayedArray object
RleArray-classRleArray objects
RleArraySeed-classRleArraySeed objects
showtreeVisualize and access the leaves of a tree of delayed...
simplifySimplify a tree of delayed operations
SparseArraySeed-classSparseArraySeed objects
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