API for Bioconductor/S4Vectors
Foundation of vector-like and list-like containers in Bioconductor

Global functions
!,Rle-method Man page
!=,ANY,Vector-method Man page
!=,Vector,ANY-method Man page
!=,Vector,Vector-method Man page
$,List-method Man page
$<-,List-method Man page
%in%,ANY,Vector-method Man page
%in%,Rle,ANY-method Man page
%in%,Vector,ANY-method Man page
%in%,Vector,Vector-method Man page
.Call2 Man page
<,ANY,Vector-method Man page
<,Vector,ANY-method Man page
<,Vector,Vector-method Man page
<=,ANY,Vector-method Man page
<=,Vector,ANY-method Man page
<=,Vector,Vector-method Man page
==,ANY,Vector-method Man page
==,Vector,ANY-method Man page
==,Vector,Vector-method Man page
>,ANY,Vector-method Man page
>,Vector,ANY-method Man page
>,Vector,Vector-method Man page
>=,ANY,Vector-method Man page
>=,Vector,ANY-method Man page
>=,Vector,Vector-method Man page
AEbufs_free Source code
AEbufs_use_malloc Source code
Annotated Man page
Annotated-class Man page
Call2 Source code
Complex,Rle-method Man page
DataFrame Man page Source code
DataFrame-class Man page
DataTable Man page
DataTable-class Man page
DataTable_OR_NULL Man page
DataTable_OR_NULL-class Man page
Filter,List-method Man page
FilterMatrix Man page Source code
FilterMatrix-class Man page
FilterRules Man page Source code
FilterRules-class Man page
FilterRules.parseRule Source code
Find,List-method Man page
H_recycle Source code
Has Source code
Hits Man page Source code
Hits-class Man page
Hits-comparison Man page
Hits-setops Man page
HitsList Man page Source code
HitsList-class Man page
IQR,Rle-method Man page
LLint Man page Source code
LLint-class Man page
List Man page Source code
List-class Man page
List-utils Man page
Map,List-method Man page
Math,Rle-method Man page
Math2,Rle-method Man page
ModelFrame Source code
NA_LLint_ Man page
NCOL,DataTable-method Man page
NROW,DataTable-method Man page
NROW,Vector-method Man page
NSBS Man page
NSBS,NSBS-method Man page
NSBS,NULL-method Man page
NSBS,array-method Man page
NSBS,character-method Man page
NSBS,factor-method Man page
NSBS,logical-method Man page
NSBS,missing-method Man page
NSBS,numeric-method Man page
NSBS-class Man page
NSBS.character_OR_factor Source code
NSBS.numeric Source code
NativeNSBS Source code
Ops,LLint,LLint-method Man page
Ops,LLint,numeric-method Man page
Ops,Rle,Rle-method Man page
Ops,Rle,vector-method Man page
Ops,numeric,LLint-method Man page
Ops,vector,Rle-method Man page
Pairs Man page Source code
Pairs-class Man page
Position,List-method Man page
ROWNAMES,ANY-method Man page
ROWNAMES,DataTable-method Man page
ROWNAMES,Vector-method Man page
RangeNSBS Source code
Reduce,List-method Man page
ReduceDefault Source code
Rle Man page
Rle,ANY-method Man page
Rle,Rle-method Man page
Rle-class Man page
Rle-runstat Man page
Rle-utils Man page
SelfHits Man page Source code
SelfHits-class Man page
SelfHitsList Man page
SelfHitsList-class Man page
SimpleList Man page Source code
SimpleList-class Man page
SortedByQueryHits Man page
SortedByQueryHits-class Man page
SortedByQueryHitsList Man page
SortedByQueryHitsList-class Man page
SortedByQuerySelfHits Man page
SortedByQuerySelfHits-class Man page
SortedByQuerySelfHitsList Man page
SortedByQuerySelfHitsList-class Man page
Summary,LLint-method Man page
Summary,Rle-method Man page
VH_recycle Source code
V_recycle Source code
Vector Man page
Vector-class Man page
Vector-comparison Man page
Vector-merge Man page
Vector-setops Man page
VectorAsDataFrame Source code
Vector_shiftApply Source code
Vector_window Source code
[ Man page
[,DataFrame-method Man page
[,FilterMatrix-method Man page
[,FilterRules-method Man page
[,List-method Man page
[,Rle-method Man page
[,Vector-method Man page
[<-,DataFrame-method Man page
[<-,List-method Man page
[<-,Rle-method Man page
[<-,Vector-method Man page
[[,DataFrame-method Man page
[[,List-method Man page
[[<-,DataFrame-method Man page
[[<-,FilterRules-method Man page
[[<-,List-method Man page
active Man page
active,FilterRules-method Man page
active<- Man page
active<-,FilterRules-method Man page
addSelfRef Source code
add_missing_columns Source code
adjust_elt_lengths Source code
adjust_value_length Source code
aggregate Man page
aggregate,List-method Man page
aggregate,Rle-method Man page
aggregate,Vector-method Man page
aggregate,data.frame-method Man page
aggregate,matrix-method Man page
aggregate,ts-method Man page
aggregate-methods Man page
aggregate.List Source code
aggregate.Rle Source code
aggregate.Vector Man page Source code Source code
aggregateWithDots Source code
allEqualS4 Source code Source code
anyDuplicated,NSBS-method Man page
anyDuplicated,RangeNSBS-method Man page
anyDuplicated.NSBS Man page Source code
anyDuplicated.Rle Source code
anyMissing Source code
anyMissingOrOutside Source code
anyNA,Vector-method Man page
append Man page
append,Rle,vector-method Man page
append,Vector,Vector-method Man page
append,vector,Rle-method Man page
append_list_element Source code
as.LLint Man page Source code
as.character,LLint-method Man page
as.character,Vector-method Man page
as.character.LLint Man page Source code
as.complex,Vector-method Man page
as.data.frame,DataFrame-method Man page
as.data.frame,DataTable-method Man page
as.data.frame,List-method Man page
as.data.frame,Pairs-method Man page
as.data.frame,Rle-method Man page
as.data.frame,Vector-method Man page
as.data.frame.DataFrame Source code
as.data.frame.DataTable Man page Source code
as.data.frame.List Source code
as.data.frame.Rle Source code
as.data.frame.Vector Man page Source code
as.double,Vector-method Man page
as.env Man page
as.env,NULL-method Man page
as.env,SimpleList-method Man page
as.env,Vector-method Man page
as.factor,Rle-method Man page
as.integer,LLint-method Man page
as.integer,NativeNSBS-method Man page
as.integer,RangeNSBS-method Man page
as.integer,Vector-method Man page
as.integer.LLint Man page Source code
as.list,List-method Man page
as.list,Rle-method Man page
as.list,SimpleList-method Man page
as.list,Vector-method Man page
as.list.List Source code
as.list.Rle Source code
as.list.SimpleList Source code
as.list.Vector Man page Source code
as.logical,LLint-method Man page
as.logical,Vector-method Man page
as.logical.LLint Man page Source code
as.matrix,DataFrame-method Man page
as.matrix,Hits-method Man page
as.matrix,HitsList-method Man page
as.matrix,Vector-method Man page
as.matrix.Vector Man page Source code
as.numeric,LLint-method Man page
as.numeric,Vector-method Man page
as.numeric.LLint Man page Source code
as.raw,Vector-method Man page
as.table,Hits-method Man page
as.table,HitsList-method Man page
as.vector,Rle-method Man page
as.vector.Rle Man page Source code
asFactorOrFactorRle Source code
bindROWS Man page
bindROWS,ANY-method Man page
bindROWS,DataFrame-method Man page
bindROWS,Hits-method Man page
bindROWS,LLint-method Man page
bindROWS,NULL-method Man page
bindROWS,Rle-method Man page
bindROWS,Vector-method Man page
bind_cols_along_their_ROWS Source code
breakTies Man page Source code
by,DataTable-method Man page
c Man page
c,DataFrame-method Man page
c,LLint-method Man page
c,Vector-method Man page
canonical_replace_as Source code
canonical_replace_as_2 Source code
capitalize Source code
cbind,DataFrame-method Man page
cbind,DataTable-method Man page
cbind,FilterMatrix-method Man page
cbind,List-method Man page
cbind.DataFrame Source code
character_OR_NULL Man page
character_OR_NULL-class Man page
chartr,ANY,ANY,Rle-method Man page
check_that_Hits_objects_are_concatenable Source code
class:DataFrame Man page
class:DataTable Man page
class:DataTable_OR_NULL Man page
class:FilterRules Man page
class:Hits Man page
class:HitsList Man page
class:LLint Man page
class:List Man page
class:NSBS Man page
class:Pairs Man page
class:Rle Man page
class:SelfHits Man page
class:SelfHitsList Man page
class:SimpleList Man page
class:SortedByQueryHits Man page
class:SortedByQueryHitsList Man page
class:SortedByQuerySelfHits Man page
class:SortedByQuerySelfHitsList Man page
class:Vector Man page
class:character_OR_NULL Man page
class:expression_OR_function Man page
class:vector_OR_factor Man page
classNameForDisplay Man page
classNameForDisplay,ANY-method Man page
classNameForDisplay,AsIs-method Man page
classNameForDisplay,SimpleList-method Man page
classNameForDisplay,SortedByQueryHits-method Man page
classNamespace Source code
coerce,ANY,AsIs-method Man page
coerce,ANY,DataFrame-method Man page
coerce,ANY,FilterRules-method Man page
coerce,ANY,List-method Man page
coerce,ANY,Rle-method Man page
coerce,ANY,SimpleList-method Man page
coerce,ANY,vector-method Man page
coerce,AsIs,DataFrame-method Man page
coerce,DataFrame,data.frame-method Man page
coerce,Hits,SortedByQueryHits-method Man page
coerce,List,data.frame-method Man page
coerce,List,list-method Man page
coerce,NULL,DataFrame-method Man page
coerce,Pairs,DataFrame-method Man page
coerce,Rle,character-method Man page
coerce,Rle,complex-method Man page
coerce,Rle,data.frame-method Man page
coerce,Rle,factor-method Man page
coerce,Rle,integer-method Man page
coerce,Rle,list-method Man page
coerce,Rle,logical-method Man page
coerce,Rle,numeric-method Man page
coerce,Rle,raw-method Man page
coerce,Rle,vector-method Man page
coerce,SimpleList,DataFrame-method Man page
coerce,SimpleList,FilterRules-method Man page
coerce,Vector,DataFrame-method Man page
coerce,Vector,character-method Man page
coerce,Vector,complex-method Man page
coerce,Vector,data.frame-method Man page
coerce,Vector,double-method Man page
coerce,Vector,factor-method Man page
coerce,Vector,integer-method Man page
coerce,Vector,logical-method Man page
coerce,Vector,numeric-method Man page
coerce,Vector,raw-method Man page
coerce,Vector,vector-method Man page
coerce,character,LLint-method Man page
coerce,data.frame,DataFrame-method Man page
coerce,data.table,DataFrame-method Man page
coerce,function,FilterClosure-method Man page
coerce,integer,DataFrame-method Man page
coerce,integer,LLint-method Man page
coerce,integer,List-method Man page
coerce,list,DataFrame-method Man page
coerce,list,List-method Man page
coerce,list_OR_List,Pairs-method Man page
coerce,logical,LLint-method Man page
coerce,matrix,DataFrame-method Man page
coerce,numeric,LLint-method Man page
coerce,standardGeneric,FilterClosure-method Man page
coerce,table,DataFrame-method Man page
coerce,vector,DataFrame-method Man page
coerce,xtabs,DataFrame-method Man page
coerceToSimpleList Source code
coercerToClass Source code
collapse_list_of_equal_vectors Source code
colnames,DataFrame-method Man page
colnames<-,DataFrame-method Man page
compatible_Hits Source code
complete.cases,DataTable-method Man page
compute_table Source code
concatenate_Hits_objects Source code
concatenate_LLint_objects Source code
concatenate_Rle_objects Source code
concatenate_Vector_objects Source code
cor,Rle,Rle-method Man page
countLnodeHits Man page
countLnodeHits,Hits-method Man page
countMatches Man page
countMatches,ANY,ANY-method Man page
countMatches.default Source code
countQueryHits Man page Source code
countRnodeHits Man page
countRnodeHits,Hits-method Man page
countSubjectHits Man page Source code
count_Lnode_hits Source code
count_Rnode_hits Source code
cov,Rle,Rle-method Man page
debugValidity Source code
decode Man page
decode,ANY-method Man page
decode,Rle-method Man page
decodeRle Source code
defaultAsDataFrame Source code
defaultIndices Source code
default_bindROWS Source code
default_extractROWS Source code
default_mergeROWS Source code
default_replaceROWS Source code
default_showAsCell Source code
delete_NULLs Source code
diff,Rle-method Man page
diff.Rle Man page Source code Source code
diff.Vector Source code
diffWithInitialZero Source code
diffWithLast Source code
dim,DataTable-method Man page
dimnames,DataTable-method Man page
dimnames<-,DataTable-method Man page
disableValidity Source code
drop_AsIs Source code Source code
droplevels,List-method Man page
droplevels,Rle-method Man page
droplevels.DataFrame Source code
droplevels.List Man page Source code Source code
droplevels.Rle Man page Source code Source code
duplicated,DataTable-method Man page
duplicated,Rle-method Man page
duplicated,Vector-method Man page
duplicated.DataTable Man page Source code
duplicated.List Source code
duplicated.Rle Source code
duplicated.Vector Man page Source code Source code
duplicatedIntegerPairs Man page Source code
duplicatedIntegerQuads Man page Source code
elementMetadata Man page
elementMetadata,Vector-method Man page
elementMetadata<- Man page
elementMetadata<-,Vector-method Man page
elementNROWS Man page
elementNROWS,ANY-method Man page
elementNROWS,List-method Man page
elementType Man page
elementType,List-method Man page
elementType,vector-method Man page
ellipsize Source code
end,Rle-method Man page
endoapply Man page Source code
ensureMcols Source code
errorIfWarning Source code
eval,FilterRules,ANY-method Man page
evalArg Source code
evalSeparately Man page
evalSeparately,FilterRules-method Man page
evalqForSelect Source code
evalqForSubset Source code
expand Man page Source code
expand,DataFrame-method Man page
expand,Vector-method Man page
expand.grid Man page
expand.grid,Vector-method Man page
expandByColumnSet Source code
expandOneCol Source code
explodeIntBits Source code
expression_OR_function Man page
expression_OR_function-class Man page
extraArgsAsList Source code
extractCOLS Man page
extractROWS Man page
extractROWS,ANY,ANY-method Man page
extractROWS,Rle,ANY-method Man page
extractROWS,Rle,RangeNSBS-method Man page
extractROWS,SortedByQueryHits,ANY-method Man page
extractROWS,array,RangeNSBS-method Man page
extractROWS,data.frame,RangeNSBS-method Man page
extractROWS,vector_OR_factor,RangeNSBS-method Man page
extract_character_from_raw_by_positions Source code
extract_character_from_raw_by_ranges Source code
extract_data_frame_rows Source code
extract_positions_from_Rle Source code
extract_range_from_Rle Source code
extract_ranges_from_LLint Source code
extract_ranges_from_Rle Source code
extract_ranges_from_vector_OR_factor Source code
fancy_mseq Source code
fast_lsubset_List_by_List Source code
fast_subset_List_by_LL Source code
fast_subset_List_by_NL Source code
fast_subset_List_by_RL Source code
fill_short_columns Source code
filterRules Man page
filterRules,FilterMatrix-method Man page
findAllMatchesInSmallTable Source code
findIntervalAndStartFromWidth Source code
findMatches Man page
findMatches,ANY,ANY-method Man page
findMatches,ANY,missing-method Man page
findRun Man page
findRun,Rle-method Man page
first Man page
first,Pairs-method Man page
first<- Man page
first<-,Pairs-method Man page
fold Man page Source code
formulaAsListCall Source code
formulaValues Source code
from Man page
from,Hits-method Man page
from_Hits_to_SortedByQueryHits Source code
from_LLint_to_character Source code
from_LLint_to_integer Source code
from_LLint_to_logical Source code
from_LLint_to_numeric Source code
from_character_to_LLint Source code
from_integer_to_LLint Source code
from_logical_to_LLint Source code
from_numeric_to_LLint Source code
getDefaultSlotValue Source code
getListElement Man page
getListElement,List-method Man page
getListElement,list-method Man page
getStartEndRunAndOffset Source code
get_showHeadLines Man page Source code
get_showLines Source code
get_showTailLines Man page Source code
groupsum Source code
gsub,ANY,ANY,Rle-method Man page
hasNonDefaultMethod Source code
hasS3Method Source code
head Man page
head,Vector-method Man page
head.DataTable Man page
head.LLint Source code
head.Vector Man page Source code
head_along_ROWS Source code
implodeIntBits Source code
intbitsAND Source code
intbitsNOT Source code
intbitsOR Source code
intersect,ANY,Rle-method Man page
intersect,Rle,ANY-method Man page
intersect,Rle,Rle-method Man page
intersect,Vector,Vector-method Man page
intersect.Vector Man page Source code
is.LLint Man page Source code
is.na,DataTable-method Man page
is.na,LLint-method Man page
is.na,Rle-method Man page
is.na,Vector-method Man page
is.unsorted,Rle-method Man page
isConstant Man page
isConstant,array-method Man page
isConstant,integer-method Man page
isConstant,numeric-method Man page
isEmpty Man page
isEmpty,ANY-method Man page
isEmpty,List-method Man page
isNotSorted Source code
isNotStrictlySorted Source code
isNumericOrNAs Source code
isRecursive Source code
isRedundantHit Man page Source code
isSelfHit Man page Source code
isSequence Man page Source code
isSingleInteger Man page Source code
isSingleNumber Man page Source code
isSingleNumberOrNA Man page Source code
isSingleString Man page Source code
isSingleStringOrNA Man page Source code
isSorted Man page
isSorted,ANY-method Man page
isStrictlySorted Man page
isStrictlySorted,ANY-method Man page
isStrictlySorted,NSBS-method Man page
isStrictlySorted,RangeNSBS-method Man page
isTRUEorFALSE Man page Source code
labeledLine Source code
lapply,List-method Man page
lapply,SimpleList-method Man page
last_or Source code
length,LLint-method Man page
length,NSBS-method Man page
length,RangeNSBS-method Man page
length,Rle-method Man page
length,Vector-method Man page
lengths,Vector-method Man page
levels,Rle-method Man page
levels.Rle Man page Source code
levels<-,Rle-method Man page
list.names Source code Source code
listClassName Source code
lowestListElementClass Source code
lsubset_List_by_List Source code
mad,Rle-method Man page
mad.Rle Man page
makeAllGroupInnerHits Source code
makeAllGroupInnerHits.old Source code
makeClassinfoRowForCompactPrinting Source code
makeEnvForNames Source code
makeFixedColumnEnv Source code
makeGlobalWarningEnv Source code
makeNakedMatFromPairs Source code
makePowersOfTwo Source code
makePrettyMatrixForCompactPrinting Source code
make_NA_LLint_ Source code
make_XYZxyz_to_XxYyZz_subscript Source code
make_colmaps Source code
make_colnames Source code
make_endoapply_ans Source code
make_group_and_group_name Source code
make_mcols Source code
make_naked_matrix_from_Hits Source code
make_rownames Source code
make_unlisted_names Source code
make_zero_col_DataFrame Source code
map_inner_ROWS_to_list_elements Source code
map_positions_to_runs Source code
map_ranges_to_runs Source code
match,Hits,Hits-method Man page
match,Pairs,Pairs-method Man page
match,Rle,ANY-method Man page
matchIntegerPairs Man page Source code
matchIntegerPairs_hash Source code
matchIntegerPairs_quick Source code
matchIntegerQuads Man page Source code
matchIntegerQuads_hash Source code
matchIntegerQuads_quick Source code
match_name Source code
mcols Man page
mcols,Vector-method Man page
mcols<- Man page
mcols<-,Vector-method Man page
mean,Rle-method Man page
mean.Rle Man page Source code Source code
median,Rle-method Man page
median.Rle Man page Source code
mendoapply Man page Source code
merge Man page
merge,DataTable,DataTable-method Man page
merge,DataTable,data.frame-method Man page
merge,Vector,Vector-method Man page
merge,data.frame,DataTable-method Man page
mergeByHits Source code
mergeROWS Man page
mergeROWS,ANY,ANY-method Man page
merge_Vector_objects Source code
merge_mcols Source code
merge_naked_objects Source code
metadata Man page
metadata,Annotated-method Man page
metadata<- Man page
metadata<-,Annotated-method Man page
missingArg Source code
mseq Source code
nLnode Man page
nLnode,Hits-method Man page
nRnode Man page
nRnode,Hits-method Man page
na.exclude,DataTable-method Man page
na.omit,DataTable-method Man page
names,Pairs-method Man page
names,SimpleList-method Man page
names<-,Pairs-method Man page
names<-,SimpleList-method Man page
nchar,Rle-method Man page
ncol,DataFrame-method Man page
new2 Man page Source code
new_DataFrame Source code
new_Hits Source code Source code
new_Rle Source code
new_SimpleList_from_list Source code
nnode Man page
nnode,SelfHits-method Man page
normBindArgs Source code
normSubsetIndex Source code
normalizeDoubleBracketSubscript Man page Source code
normalizeSingleBracketReplacementValue Man page
normalizeSingleBracketReplacementValue,ANY-method Man page
normalizeSingleBracketSubscript Man page Source code
normalize_mcols_replacement_value Source code
normalize_names_replacement_value Source code
normargIntegerOrFactor Source code
normargMethod Source code
normargRunK Source code
normargSingleEndOrNA Source code
normargSingleStartOrNA Source code
normargUseNames Source code
normarg_method Source code
normarg_new.nnode Source code
normarg_nodes.remapping Source code
normarg_range_start Source code
normarg_vector_length Source code
nrow,DataFrame-method Man page
nrun Man page
nrun,Rle-method Man page
numeric2integer Source code
onLoad Source code
onUnload Source code
op1_apply Source code
op2_apply Source code
order,Hits-method Man page
orderBy Source code
orderIntegerPairs Man page Source code
orderIntegerQuads Man page Source code
padToAlign Source code
parallelSlotNames Man page
parallelSlotNames,FilterRules-method Man page
parallelSlotNames,Hits-method Man page
parallelSlotNames,Pairs-method Man page
parallelSlotNames,SimpleList-method Man page
parallelSlotNames,Vector-method Man page
parallelVectorNames Man page
parallelVectorNames,ANY-method Man page
parallelVectorNames,List-method Man page
params Man page
params,FilterClosure-method Man page
paste,Rle-method Man page
pasteTwoRles Source code
pc Man page Source code
pcompare Man page
pcompare,Hits,Hits-method Man page
pcompareIntegerPairs Source code
phead Source code
pmax,Rle-method Man page
pmax.int,Rle-method Man page
pmin,Rle-method Man page
pmin.int,Rle-method Man page
prepare_objects_to_bind Source code
printAtomicVectorInAGrid Man page Source code
psummary.Rle Source code
ptail Source code
qualifyByName Source code
quantile,Rle-method Man page
quantile.Rle Man page Source code
queryHits Man page Source code
queryHits,HitsList-method Man page
queryLength Man page Source code
quick_togroup Source code
quick_unlist Source code
quick_unsplit Source code
rank,Vector-method Man page
rbind,DataFrame-method Man page
rbind,DataTable-method Man page
rbind,FilterMatrix-method Man page
rbind,List-method Man page
rbind.DataFrame Source code
rbind_DataFrame_objects Source code
rbind_mcols Source code
recycleArg Man page Source code
recycleCharacterArg Man page Source code
recycleIntegerArg Man page Source code
recycleLogicalArg Man page Source code
recycleNumericArg Man page Source code
recycleSingleBracketReplacementValue Source code
recycleVector Source code
relistToClass Man page
relistToClass,ANY-method Man page
relistToClass,Hits-method Man page
relistToClass,SortedByQueryHits-method Man page
remapHits Man page Source code
remove_list_element Source code
rename Man page
rename,Vector-method Man page
rename,vector-method Man page
renameVector Source code
rep Man page
rep,Rle-method Man page
rep,Vector-method Man page
rep.int Man page
rep.int,Rle-method Man page
rep.int,Vector-method Man page
rep.int_along_ROWS Source code
repROWS Source code
rep_times_Rle Source code
replaceCOLS Man page
replaceROWS Man page
replaceROWS,ANY,ANY-method Man page
replaceROWS,Vector,ANY-method Man page
replace_list_element Source code
rev Man page
rev,Rle-method Man page
rev,Vector-method Man page
rev.Rle Man page Source code
rev.Vector Man page
revElements Man page
revElements,List-method Man page
revElements,list-method Man page
revROWS Source code
reverseIntegerInjection Source code
reverseSelfmatchMapping Source code
revmap_Hits Source code
rownames Source code
rownames,DataFrame-method Man page
rownames<-,DataFrame-method Man page
runEndsOfIntegerPairs Source code
runLength Man page
runLength,Rle-method Man page
runLength<- Man page
runLength<-,Rle-method Man page
runValue Man page
runValue,Rle-method Man page
runValue<- Man page
runValue<-,Rle-method Man page
runmean Man page
runmean,Rle-method Man page
runmed,Rle-method Man page
runq Man page
runq,Rle-method Man page
runsum Man page
runsum,Rle-method Man page
runwtsum Man page
runwtsum,Rle-method Man page
s_valid_NL_subscript Source code
safeEval Source code
safeExplode Man page Source code
sapply,List-method Man page
sapply_NROW Source code
sapply_isNULL Source code
sd,Rle-method Man page
second Man page
second,Pairs-method Man page
second<- Man page
second<-,Pairs-method Man page
selectHits Source code
selectListClassName Source code
selectSome Source code
select_fast_path Source code
selfmatch Man page
selfmatch,ANY-method Man page
selfmatch,factor-method Man page
selfmatchIntegerPairs Man page Source code
selfmatchIntegerPairs_hash Source code
selfmatchIntegerPairs_quick Source code
selfmatchIntegerQuads Man page Source code
selfmatchIntegerQuads_hash Source code
selfmatchIntegerQuads_quick Source code
setDefaultSlotValue Source code
setListElement Man page
setListElement,List-method Man page
setListElement,list-method Man page
setListElement_default Source code
setMethods Man page Source code
setPrototypeFromObject Source code
setReplaceAs Source code
setValidity2 Man page Source code
set_unlisted_names Source code
setdiff,ANY,Rle-method Man page
setdiff,Rle,ANY-method Man page
setdiff,Rle,Rle-method Man page
setdiff,Vector,Vector-method Man page
setdiff.Vector Man page Source code
setequal,Vector,Vector-method Man page
setequal.Vector Man page Source code
shiftApply Man page
shiftApply,Vector,Vector-method Man page
shiftApply,vector,vector-method Man page
shiftApply-methods Man page
show,DataTable-method Man page
show,FilterClosure-method Man page
show,FilterMatrix-method Man page
show,Hits-method Man page
show,LLint-method Man page
show,List-method Man page
show,Pairs-method Man page
show,RangeNSBS-method Man page
show,Rle-method Man page
show-utils Man page
showAsCell Man page
showAsCell,ANY-method Man page
showAsCell,AsIs-method Man page
showAsCell,Date-method Man page
showAsCell,LLint-method Man page
showAsCell,POSIXt-method Man page
showAsCell,Rle-method Man page
showAsCell_array Source code
showHits Source code
showPairs Source code
show_LLint Source code
sketchStr Source code
smoothEnds,Rle-method Man page
sort,Rle-method Man page
sort,Vector-method Man page
sort.List Source code
sort.Rle Source code
sort.Vector Man page Source code Source code
sortedIntegerPairs Source code
sortedIntegerQuads Source code
sortedMerge Source code
space Man page
space,HitsList-method Man page
split Man page
split,ANY,Vector-method Man page
split,Vector,ANY-method Man page
split,Vector,Vector-method Man page
split,list,Vector-method Man page
split-methods Man page
start,Rle-method Man page
strsplitAsListOfIntegerVectors Man page Source code
sub,ANY,ANY,Rle-method Man page
subassign_columns Source code
subjectHits Man page Source code
subjectHits,HitsList-method Man page
subjectLength Man page Source code
subscript_error Source code
subset Man page
subset,DataTable-method Man page
subset,Vector-method Man page
subset.Vector Man page Source code
subsetByFilter Man page
subsetByFilter,ANY,FilterRules-method Man page
subset_List_by_List Source code
subset_Vector Source code
subset_along_ROWS Source code
subsetting-utils Man page
substr,Rle-method Man page
substring,Rle-method Man page
summary,FilterMatrix-method Man page
summary,FilterRules-method Man page
summary,Rle-method Man page
summary.Rle Man page Source code
sumprodRle Source code
svn.time Man page Source code
t,Hits-method Man page
t,HitsList-method Man page
t.Hits Source code
t.HitsList Source code
table,Rle-method Man page
table,Vector-method Man page
tabulate,Rle-method Man page
tabulate2 Source code
tail Man page
tail,Vector-method Man page
tail.DataTable Man page
tail.LLint Source code
tail.Vector Man page Source code
tail_along_ROWS Source code
test Source code
to Man page
to,Hits-method Man page
toListOfIntegerVectors Man page Source code
toNumSnippet Source code
tolower,Rle-method Man page
top_prenv Source code
top_prenv_dots Source code
toupper,Rle-method Man page
transform,DataTable-method Man page
transform.DataTable Man page
transformColumns Source code
union,ANY,Rle-method Man page
union,Hits,Hits-method Man page
union,Rle,ANY-method Man page
union,Rle,Rle-method Man page
union,Vector,Vector-method Man page
union.Vector Man page Source code
unique,DataTable-method Man page
unique,Rle-method Man page
unique,Vector-method Man page
unique.DataTable Man page
unique.List Source code
unique.Rle Source code
unique.SimpleList Source code
unique.Vector Man page Source code Source code
unlist,List-method Man page
unlist_LL_subscript Source code
unlist_NL_subscript Source code
unlist_RL_subscript Source code
unstrsplit Man page
unstrsplit,character-method Man page
unstrsplit,list-method Man page
updateObject,Hits-method Man page
valid.DataFrame Source code
valid.DataFrame.dim Source code
valid.DataFrame.names Source code
valid.DataFrame.rownames Source code
valid.FilterMatrix Source code
valid.FilterRules Source code
valid.FilterRules.active Source code
valid.FilterRules.rules Source code
valid.Hits Source code
valid.Hits.from_or_to Source code
valid.Hits.nnode Source code
valid.SelfHits Source code
valid.SimpleList Source code
valid.SimpleList.listData Source code
valid.SortedByQueryHits Source code
valid.Vector Source code
valid.Vector.length Source code
valid.Vector.mcols Source code
valid.Vector.names Source code
valid.Vector.parallelSlots Source code
valid_Rle Source code
values Man page
values,Vector-method Man page
values<- Man page
values<-,Vector-method Man page
var,Rle,Rle-method Man page
var,Rle,missing-method Man page
vector_OR_factor Man page
vector_OR_factor-class Man page
which,Rle-method Man page
which.max,Rle-method Man page
width,Rle-method Man page
window Man page
window,Vector-method Man page
window.LLint Source code
window.Vector Man page Source code
window_along_ROWS Source code
within,List-method Man page
wmsg Man page Source code
wmsg2 Source code
wrap_in_length_one_list_like_object Source code
xtabs,DataTable-method Man page
zipdown Man page
zipdown,ANY-method Man page
zipdown,List-method Man page
zipup Man page
zipup,ANY,ANY-method Man page
zipup,Pairs,missing-method Man page
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