Man pages for Bohdan-Khomtchouk/geneXtendeR_keepme
Optimized Functional Annotation Of ChIP-seq Data

allPeakLengthsProduces box-and-whisker plot showing distribution of peak...
annotateAnnotate peaks file.
annotate_nAnnotate peaks file.
barChartProduces bar charts.
cumlinePlotProduces cumulative line plots.
diffGOFinds differential gene ontologies
distinctFinds unique genes under peaks.
dot-geneXtenderFunction for formatting data to be called by C function.
gene_annotateAnnotate peak file based on gene.
gene_lookupLooks up specific gene and closest peaks
hotspotPlotGraphs hotspots of statistically significant peak activity.
linePlotProduces line plots.
makeNetworkMakes gene-GO networks
makeWordCloudMakes word cloud from gene ontology terms
meanPeakLengthCalculates mean (average) peak length for any genomic region.
meanPeakLengthPlotProduces line plots of mean (average) peak length within any...
peakLengthBoxplotProduces box-and-whisker plot of peak lengths within any...
peaksInputPreprocesses a peaks input file.
peaksMergeTransform peaks into merged peaks.
plotWordFreqPlots word frequencies found within gene ontology terms
ratGene transfer format (GTF) file for rat...
samplepeaksinputSample peaks list to be used as input to geneXtendeR
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