Man pages for CharlesJB/ENCODExplorer-release
A compilation of ENCODE metadata

clean_tableClean a data.frame that was produced by extract_table
downloadEncodeDownload files from the Internet.
encode_dfMetadata from the ENCODE database in a R object. The tables...
export_ENCODEdb_matrixExtract essential informations from the RSQLite databse in a...
extract_tableExtract a data.frame corresponding to a table in ENCODE...
get_encode_typesA list of known tables from ENCODE database.
get_schemasExtract the schemas from ENCODE's github
prepare_ENCODEdbCreate the RSQLite databse for the tables in ENCODE
queryEncodeProduce a subset of data following predefined criteria
searchEncodeSimulate a query on ENCODE website and return the result as a...
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