Man pages for ChristofSeiler/cytoeffect
Regression Models with Multivariate Outcomes for Mass Cytometry Experiments

cytoeffect-packageThe 'cytoeffect' package.
fit_poilogComposite maximum likelihood estimation for Poisson...
plot.cytoeffect_poissonPlot posterior summaries for Poisson log-normal mixed model
plot.cytoeffect_poisson_mclePlot point estimates for MCLE fit
plot_distatisDiSTATIS plot of posterior or bootstrap samples
plot_pairsPosterior multivariate pairs plot for Poisson log-normal...
poisson_lognormalHMC sampling for Poisson log-normal mixed model
poisson_lognormal_mcleFit simplified Poisson log-normal model
posterior_predictive_log_lambdaPosterior predictive of Poisson log-normal mixed model
simulate_dataGenerate dataset for vignettes and simulation studies
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