Man pages for DanOvando/sraplus
Run sraplus Assessments

codSample data for atlantic cod from RAM
diagnose_sraplusRun minimal diagnostics on sraplus fits
fit_sraplusRun sraplus
format_driorsFormat data and priors for sraplus
get_posteriorget posterior draws from tmbstan fit object
get_tmb_modelCompile and load TMB models for sraplus
pipePipe operator
plot_driorsPlot data and priors for sralpus
plot_sraplusPlot timeseries of estimates from multiple sraplus models
sraplus-packagesraplus: Run sraplus Assessments
sraplus_simulatorsraplus fishery simulator
stack_stanstack reports from tmbstan fits into cohesive dataframe
summarize_sralpusprovide summary of sraplus fit
theme_sraplusplotting theme for sraplus
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