Man pages for EDIorg/taxonomyCleanr
A workflow and set of functions to clean taxonomy data using R

count_taxaGet counts of unique taxa
create_taxa_mapCreate taxa map
get_authorityGet taxonomic authority
get_classificationGet the taxonomic classification hierarchy for taxa resolved...
get_idGet taxonomic identifiers
get_id_commonGet taxonomic identifiers
load_gnr_datasourcesLoad and fix GNR Datasources
make_taxonomicCoverageMake taxonomicCoverage EML node
optimize_matchOptimize match
optimize_match_commonOptimize match common
read_taxa_mapRead taxa map
remove_taxaRemove taxa
replace_taxaReplace taxa
resolve_comm_taxaResolve common names to an authority
resolve_sci_taxaResolve scientific names to an authority
revise_taxaRevise taxonomic data
set_taxonomic_coverageCreate the taxonomicCoverage EML node
trim_taxaTrim taxa
validate_argumentsValidate arguments of taxonomyCleanr functions
validate_pathValidate path
view_taxa_authoritiesView taxonomic authorities
write_taxa_mapWrite taxa map
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