Man pages for EricEdwardBryant/biogridr
BioGRID Interaction Data

aggregate.tbl_biogridrAggregate interaction data from BioGRID
chainChain functions into pipeline
clusterCluster rows or columns of a matrix
collectCollect tbl_sql as an R data.frame.
ggtilePlot a numeric matrix
initialize_biogridrInitialize Local BioGRID Database
inner_netSelect edges connecting a set of nodes
organismSearch for NCBI organism ID
outer_netSelect edges departing or arriving at a set of nodes
plot.tbl_biogridr_aggregatedPlot a heatmap of aggregated BioGRID interactions
src_biogridrConnect to local BioGRID database
tblCreate a table from a data source
update_biogridrUpdate Local BioGRID Database
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