Lumifuge_FrontTrackingMultiple: Interpolates the Distance for a given set of transmissions...

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The dataset requires to have a column called UniqueSampleIdentifier which is used to separate the samples


Lumifuge_FrontTrackingMultiple(Data, TargetTrans, TimeLimits = c(-Inf, Inf),
  TimeJumps = 0, DistLimits = c(-Inf, Inf), startSearch = "bottom")



A Data frame containing the raw Lumifuge Data. Double measurements and different samples are supported but no support is given for multiple RPM runs, please supply different runs of th same sample at different RPM separately


a vector with the transmission values at which one would like to analyze the data


a vector of length 2 which gives the range of times where one would like to interpolate


an integer indicating how many of the existing time measurements to jump (e.g. only naalyze every 3rd would mean jump 3)


a vector with length 2 which gives the range of distances over which the interpolation will occur


Indicates whether to start searching for a crossing from the bottom or the top of the sample. The default is the bottom as this typically leads to a better result but in some cases it is neccesary to search from the top as well, in this case please be aware that the lower limit of distances is critical

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