Lumifuge_FrontTrackingMultipleWithAkima: Interpolates the Distance for a given set of transmissions...

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Interpolates the Distance for a given set of transmissions and times. Please note that the returned Temperature values are simply averages of the recorded values ithin the given dataset used for interpolation interpolation of temperature would add additional computation time which at the moment is assumed to be not neccesary to implement The RPM on the other hand are interpolated In this function the 'akima' package is used which started to give more and mor error messages. I therefore wrote another function which does the interpolation even though the other function is much slower. Hopefully in the future the akima package will be updated and maybe that would lead to a more stable version.


Lumifuge_FrontTrackingMultipleWithAkima(Data, TargetTimes, TargetTrans,
  DistLimits = c(-Inf, Inf))



A Data frame containing the raw Lumifuge Data. Double measurements and different samples are supported but no support is given for multiple RPM runs, please supply different runs of th same sample at different RPM separately

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