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The Structstrings package implements the widely used to bracket annotation for storing base pairing information in structured RNA. For example it is used in the ViennaRNA package (Lorenz et al. 2011), the tRNAscan-SE software (Lowe et al. 1997) and the tRNAdb (Jühling et al. 2009).

Structstrings uses the infrastructure provided by the Biostrings package and derives the class DotBracketString and such from the equivalent BString class. From these base pair table can be produced for in depth analysis. For this purpose the DotBracketDataFrame class is derived from the DataFrame class. In addition the loop IDs of the base pairs can be retrieved as a LoopIndexList, a derivate if the IntegerList. Generally, it checks automatically for the validity of the dot bracket annotation.

The conversion of the DotBracketString to the base pair table and the loop indices is implemented in C for efficiency. The C implementation to a large extent inspired by the ViennaRNA package.

This package was developed as a requirement for the tRNA package. However, other projects might benefit as well, so it was split of and improved upon.


Please refer to the Structstrings vignette for an example how to work and use the package: Structstrings.


Felix G M Ernst [aut,cre]


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