Man pages for FredHasselman/casnet
A Toolbox for Studying Complex Adaptive Systems and NETworks

add_alphaAdd transparency to a colour
as.numeric_characterConvert character vector to a named numeric vector
as.numeric_factorConvert numeric factor to numeric vector
bandReplaceReplace matrix diagonals
casnetA Toolbox for Studying Complex Adaptive Systems and NETworks
crit_inCritical Instability
crqa_clFast (C)RQA (command line crp)
crqa_parametersFind optimal (C)RQA parameters
crqa_radiusFind fixed or optimal radius
crqa_rpGet bootsrapped (C)RQA measures based on a recurrence matrix
crqa_rp_emptyEmpty results vector
crqa_rp_measuresGet (C)RQA measures from a Recurrence Matrix
crqa_rp_prepPrepare matrix
DC_DDistribution Uniformity
DC_FFluctuation Intensity
di2biDistance to binary matrix
di2weDistance 2 weighted matrix
dist_hammingCalculate Hamming distance
dyn_compDynamic Complexity
elascerElastic Scaler - A Flexible Rescale Function
est_emDimEstimate number of embedding dimensions
est_emLagEstimate embedding lag (tau)
factor_obs_expFactor labels
fd_allanAllan Variance Analysis
fd_dfaDetrended Fluctuation Analysis (DFA)
fd_psdPower Spectral Density Slope (PSD).
fd_RRRelative Roughness
fd_sdaStandardised Dispersion Analysis (SDA).
fd_sevCalculate FD using Sevcik's method
fltrITWrapper for filtfilt
get_osWhich OS is running?
grapes-00-grapesRose tinted infix
grapes-plus-grapesSigned increment
grapes-plus-plus-grapesPositive increment
growth_acExamples of dynamical growth models (maps)
growth_ac_condExamples of conditional dynamical growth models (maps)
HeavisideHeaviside step function
MFDFAMulti-fractal Detrended Fluctuation Analysis
mifMutual Information Function
mif_interlayerInter-layer mutual information
mi_matMutual Information variations
monoHmono Hurst
newZCreate new vector based on resampling of the original data.
pacf_fisherZFisherZ for PACF
plotNET_BAExample of Barabasi scale-free network
plotNET_groupColourVertex Group Colours
plotNET_groupWeightSet Edge weights by group
plotNET_prepPlot Network Based on RQA
plotNET_SWExample of Strogatz-Watts small-world network
plotRED_acfPlot ACF and PACF
plotRED_mifPlot various MI functions
plotSUR_histSurrogate Test
repmatRepeat Copies of a Matrix
RNGRandom Number Sequences
rpCreate a Distance Matrix
rp_checkfixCheck a Recurrence Matrix
rp_copy_attributesCopy Matrix Attributes
rp_lineDistLine length distributions
rp_plotPlot (thresholded) distance matrix
sa2fd_dfaInformed Dimension estimate from DFA slope (H)
sa2fd_psdInformed Dimension estimate from Spectral Slope (aplha)
sa2fd_sdaInformed Dimension estimate from SDA slope.
set_command_line_rpSet command line RQA executable
ssg_gwf2longImport GrdWare files
symbolizeConvert numeric vectors to symbolic vectors.
transMEstimate the transition matrix for computing the critical...
try_CATCHtryCatch both warnings (with value) and errors
ts_centerCenter a vector
ts_changeindexFind change indices
ts_checkfixCheck and/or Fix a vector
ts_detrendDetrend a time series
ts_diffDerivative of time series
ts_discreteDiscrete representation
ts_durationTime series to Duration series
ts_embedDelay embedding of a time series
ts_integrateCreate a timeseries profile
ts_levelsDetect levels in time series
ts_peaksFind Peaks or Wells
ts_sdStandard Deviation estimates
ts_sliceSlice columns of a matrix in epochs
ts_standardiseStandardise a vector
ts_sumorderAdjust time series by summation order
ts_symbolicSymbolic representation
ts_trimfillTrim or Fill Vectors
ts_windowerGet sliding window indices
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