Man pages for FredHasselman/casnet
A Toolbox for Studying Complex Adaptive Systems and NETworks

add_alphaAdd transparency to a colour
bandReplaceReplace matrix diagonals
casnetA Toolbox for Studying Complex Adaptive Systems and NETworks
centerCenter a vector on Mean or Median
crp_prepPrepare matrix
crqa_clFast (C)RQA (command line crp)
crqa_cl_maincrqa_cl_main [internal]
crqa_matGet bootsrapped (C)RQA measures based on a recurrence matrix
crqa_mat_measuresGet (C)RQA measures from Recurrence Matrix
crqa_parametersFind optimal (C)RQA parameters
crqa_radiusFind fixed or optimal radius
DFA1Detrended Fluctuation Analysis
di2biDistance 2 binary
dist.hammingCalculate Hamming distance
elascerElastic Scaler - A Flexible Rescale Function
est_eDimEstimate number of embedding dimensions
est_eLagEstimate embedding lag (tau)
fd.dfaDetrended Fluctuation Analysis (DFA)
fd.psdPower Spectral Density Slope (PSD).
fd.sdaStandardised Dispersion Analysis (SDA).
find_peaksFind Peaks or Wells
fltrITWrapper for filtfilt
get_osWhich OS is running?
grapes-00-grapesRose tinted infix
growth_acExamples of dynamical growth models (maps)
growth_ac_condExamples of conditional dynamical growth models (maps)
lagEmbedlag Embed a time series
MFDFAMulti-fractal Detrended Fluctuation Analysis
normaliseNormalise a vector by Mean/SD, or Median/MAD
plotNET_BAExample of Barabasi scale-free network
plotNET_groupColourVertex Group Colours
plotNET_groupWeightSet Edge weights by group
plotNET_prepPlot Network Based on RQA
plotNET_SWExample of Strogatz-Watts small-world network
point_pSurrogate Test
recmatRecurrence Matrix
recmat_plotPlot (thresholded) distance matrix
repmatRepeat Copies of a Matrix
RNGRandom Number Sequences
sa2fd.dfaInformed Dimension estimate from DFA slope (H)
sa2fd.psdInformed Dimension estimate from Spectral Slope (aplha)
sa2fd.sdaInformed Dimension estimate from SDA slope.
set_command_line_rpSet command line RQA executable
sliceTSSlice columns of a matrix in epochs
try.CATCHtryCatch both warnings (with value) and errors
ts_integrateCreate a timeseries profile
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