Man pages for GMELab/GraBLD
Gradient Boosted and LD adjusted

annotation_dataExternal Annotation.
BMISimulated Body Mass Index.
full_normal_genoStandardizing the genotype data.
genoA genotype matrix.
genomewideLDGenome-wide LD adjustment
get_data_numNormalize the regression coefficients and annotation data
get_formulasRegression Tree Formula
get_NAsRemove missing values
GraBPrediction using the Optimal Gradient Boosted Regression...
GraBLD.scoreGradient Boosted and LD adjusted Prediction.
LDadjLD adjustment.
load_betaLoad univariate regression beta coefficients.
load_databaseLoad annotations.
load_genoLoading the genotype data.
regionalLDRegional LD adjustment
univariate_betaBMI Univariate beta regression coefficient.
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