Man pages for HCBravoLab/epivizrChart
R interface to epiviz web components

append_region-methodsGeneric method to add navigation regions
bcode_esetExample expression data from the Gene Expression barcode...
BlocksTrack-methodsMethod to add Blocks Track
cgi_grLocations of CpG Islands
chart_default_settings_colorsGet default chart settings and colors
dot-constructURLConstruct URL for Websocket connection between R and UI
dot-initialize_chartInitialize Epiviz Chart based on chart type
dot-register_all_the_epiviz_things(taken from epivizr) register epiviz actions
dot-settings_as_df(taken from epivizr) print settings in a readable format
EpivizBlocksTrack-classData container for an Epiviz Blocks Track.
epivizChartInitialize an 'EpivizChart' object to visualize in viewer or...
EpivizChart-classData container for an Epiviz chart component.
EpivizChartDataMgr-classClass providing data manager for epiviz charts.
EpivizDataSource-classData container for an Epiviz Data Source component.
epivizEnvInitialize an 'EpivizEnvironment' object.
EpivizEnvironment-classData container for an Epiviz environment component.
EpivizGenesTrack-classData container for an Epiviz Genes Track.
EpivizHeatmapPlot-classData container for an Epiviz Heatmap Plot.
EpivizIGVTrack-classData container for an Epiviz Genes Track.
EpivizLinePlot-classData container for an Epiviz Line Plot.
EpivizLineTrack-classData container for an Epiviz Line Track.
epivizNavInitialize an 'EpivizNavigation' object to visualize in...
EpivizNavigation-classData container for an Epiviz navigation component.
EpivizScatterPlot-classData container for an Epiviz Scatter Plot.
EpivizStackedBlocksTrack-classData container for an Epiviz Blocks Track.
EpivizStackedLinePlot-classData container for an Epiviz Stacked Line Plot.
EpivizStackedLineTrack-classData container for an Epiviz Stacked Line Track.
EpivizViewComponent-classData container for an Epiviz web component.
EpivizWebComponent-classData container for an Epiviz Web component.
get_available_chart_typesConstruct URL for Websocket connection between R and UI
get_registered_data_typesConstruct URL for Websocket connection between R and UI
HeatmapPlot-methodsMethod to add Heatmap Plot
json_parserJSON parser used by this package
json_writerJSON writer used by this package
LinePlot-methodsMethod to add Line Plot
LineTrack-methodsMethod to add Line Track
plot-EpivizEnvironment-ANY-methodGeneric methods to plot charts and add navigation regions
rand_idRandom ID generator for epiviz charts
ScatterPlot-methodsMethod to add Scatter Plot
StackedBlocksTrack-methodsMethod to add Stacked Blocks Track
StackedLinePlot-methodsMethod to add Stacked Line Plot
StackedLineTrack-methodsMethod to add Stacked Line Track
sumexpExample SummarizedExperiment for epivizr vignette
tcga_colon_blocksExample methylation data (blocks) for epivizr vignette.
tcga_colon_curvesExample methylation data (smoothed methylation levels) for...
tcga_colon_expressionExample exon-level RNAseq data from TCGA project for epivizr...
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