Man pages for HectorRDB/Dune
Improving replicability in single-cell RNA-Seq cell type discovery

ARIImpARI improvement
ARIsARI Matrix
ARItrendARI improvement plot
clusMatA clustering matrix used to demonstrate the ari-merging...
ConfusionEvolutionPlot the evolution of the ConfusionPlot as merging happens
ConfusionPlotPlot confusion matrix
functionTrackingTrack the evolution of a function along merging
intermediateMatFind the clustering matrix that we would get if we stopped...
NMIImpNMI improvement
NMIsNMI Matrix
NMItrendNMI improvement plot
nucleiCluster labels for a subset of the allen Smart-Seq nuclei...
plotARIsPlot an heatmap of the ARI matrix
plotNMIsPlot an heatmap of the NMI matrix
plotPrePostPlot the reduction in cluster size for an ARI merging with...
whenToStopWhen to Stop
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