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Package: aroma.Base
Class BaseFileSection


Directly known subclasses:
BaseFileAssays, BaseFileBioassaysetinfo, BaseFileParameters, BaseFileSpots

public static class BaseFileSection
extends Object





A list structure.


A character string specifying the type of section.


Not used.

Fields and Methods


addColumn Adds a column to the other column names.
as.character Gets a string description of object.
as.list Gets a list representation of object.
equals Checks if a BASE file section equals another.
getColumns Gets the column names of the data table.
getData Gets all or a subset of data of a BASE file section.
getDataByKeys Gets a subset of data for one or all bioassays in the bioassay set.
getHeader Gets one header of a BASE section.
getHeaders Gets the headers of a BASE section.
getType Gets the type of a BASE section.
hasColumns Checks if certain columns exists or not.
hasData Checks if section has a data table.
hasHeaders Checks if specified headers exists in a BASE section.
nbrOfHeaders Gets the number of headers in a BASE section.
print Prints a BASE file section to stdout.
setColumns Sets the column names of the data table.
setData Sets data of a BASE file section.
setDataFieldByKeys Sets a data field by another key field.
setHeader Sets a header of a BASE section.
setType Sets the type of a BASE section.
sizeOfData Gets the dimension of the data table.
validate Validates BASE file section.

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