BaseFileSpots: The BaseFileSpots class extending BaseFileSection

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Package: aroma.Base
Class BaseFileSpots


Directly known subclasses:

public static class BaseFileSpots
extends BaseFileSection





Arguments passed to constructor of superclass.

Fields and Methods


as.character Gets a string description of object.
getAssayFields Gets the names of the assay-field data columns.
getAssays Gets the ids of the assays in this section.
getColumns Gets the names of the non-assay-field data columns.
getData Gets a subset of or the complete data table.
getDataFiles Gets the filenames where data of an assay-field section is stored.
hasDataFiles Checks if data of an assay-field section is stored on file.
nbrOfAssays Gets the number of assays in this section.
setAssays Sets the ids of the assays in this section.
setColumns Sets the column names of the data table.
setDataFields Sets data field for an assay in a BASE file spots section.
setDataFiles Sets the filenames where data of an assay-field section is stored.

Methods inherited from BaseFileSection:
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