getParameter.Filter: Gets the values for a specific parameter for indices accepted...

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Gets the values for a specific parameter for those indices that the filter lets through. If the filter's has this parameter set, e.g. through *setParameter(), all indices accepted by the filter will be having this parameter set to the filters value. If the parameter is not set in the filter, or its value is NULL or \codeNA, the filter asks all its input connections for assign parameters to the indices. If more than one input filter tries to set the parameter of an index, only the last assignment will be used. Hence, the order in which the input filters are specified might affect the final assignment of paramters.


## S3 method for class 'Filter'
getParameter(this, paramName, ...)


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See Also

To set a parameter of a filter see *setParameter(). To get the indices accepted by a filter see *getIndex(). For more information see Filter..

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