A Tool for the Systematic Comparison of Translational Drug Response Modeling Pipelines

BlackBoxFilterTrain a Black Box Model for Drug Efficacy Prediction
CellorPatientTest if the Object is a Cell or a Patient Based on the Drug...
CellResponseProcessorTransform Drug Response Data
CellResponseTypeAvailabilityCheckChecking CellResponseType Availability
DuplicationHandlerRemove Duplicated Gene Names from a FORESEE Object
FeaturePreprocessorPreprocess the Gene Expression Inputs of both TrainObject and...
FeatureSelectorSelect the Genes that are used as Model Features
ForeseerApply the trained ForeseeModel on a TestObject
ForeseeTestTest a Drug Efficacy Prediction Model on a TestObject
ForeseeTrainTrain a Drug Efficacy Prediction Model
GetCellResponseDataGet Cell Line Drug Response from FORESEE Object
HomogenizerHomogenize a Pair of two FORESEE Objects
listCellLinesList All Cell lines Inside a ForeseeTrain Object
listDrugsList All Drugs Inside a ForeseeTrain Object
listInputOptionsList Input Options for FORESEE Methods
requireForeseeLoading/Attaching (and Installing) a Package
ValidatorValidate the Performance of a ForeseeModel on a new...
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