Man pages for JVAdams/GLFC
Great Lakes Fishery Commission

AIcheckError Check the Adult Index Data
AIestimateEstimate Index of Sea Lamprey Adults
AIprepPrepare the Adult Index Data
AIprestoAdult Index Preparation, Error Checking, and Estimation
AIreportAdult Index Report
AItargetCalculate Targets for the Adult Index
blindcolzColor-blind Friendly Colors
brewcolAssign Colors to Collection of Values Using Color Brewer
CIConfidence Interval of Mean
circlesDraw Circles on a Plot
cochrane.orcutt.jvaCochrane-Orcutt Estimation
colrCreate a Range of Colors
DWEFerrorError Check the Deepwater Electrofishing Data
DWEFgecGear Efficiency Correction for Deepwater Electrofisher
DWEFprepPrepare the Deepwater Electrofishing Data
DWEFreportGenerate Estimates from the Deepwater Electrofishing Data
endrtfWrite and Close an RTF Document
figbigAdd a Big Figure to an RTF Document
figuAdd a Figure to an RTF Document
firstIdentify the First Elements of Series of Repeated Values
getpkgsGet Packages
GLFCGreat Lakes Fishery Commission
GLFCenvGLFC Package Local Environment
headingAdd a Heading to an RTF Document
index2peFactors to Scale Up the Adult Index to a Lake-Wide Population
jackIndexIndex with Jackknifed Range
jackPropProportion of Contributions to Jackknifed Range that Meet...
LakeabbsGreat Lakes Abbreviations
LakenamesGreat Lakes Names
lsIndexGreat Lakes Streams used in the Index of Adult Sea Lampreys
lsKeepGreat Lakes Streams with Commitment to Adult Sea Lamprey...
mapLGreat Lakes Shorelines
mapSMRSt. Marys River Shoreline
numbers2wordsConvert Integers to Words
paraAdd a Paragraph to an RTF Document
plotdfPlot Data Frame
predAntilogUnbiased Prediction of Log Transformed Response on Original...
prettytablePrettify the Numeric Columns of a Table
recodeRecode Values
shadepolyAdd Shaded Polygon to Plot
SMRStratAreaSt. Marys River Strata Areas
SRprestoSea Lamprey Status Report Generation
SRprestoBetaSea Lamprey Status Report Generation
SRstatusDetermining Status and Trends
SRstatusbetaDetermine Status and Trend
startrtfCreate an RTF Document
tablAdd a Table to an RTF Document
trappedStreamsGeneral Information on Great Lakes Streams Trapped for Adult...
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