Man pages for Japrin/STARTRAC
Single T-cell Analysis by Rna-seq and Tcr TRACking

calIndexCalculate cluster level indices
calTissueDistcalculate Startrac.dist (tissue distribution preference)
example.cloneDat.Zhang2018TCR clonotype data extracted from the publication by Zhang et...
getSigGet the p value given one Startrac object and a list of...
initialize-methodsinitialize method for Startrac
initialize-StartracOut-methodinitialize method for StartracOut
loginfodispaly message with time stamp
mcol.entropyentropy of each column of the input matrix
mrow.entropyentropy of each row of the input matrix
pIndexCalculate pairwise indices
plotplot the indexes
showshow method for Startrac
show-StartracOut-methodshow method for StartracOut
StartracThe Startrac Class
StartracOutThe StartracOUt Class
Startrac.runwarpper function for Startrac analysis
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