Man pages for Jialab-UCR/Hapi
Inference of Chromosome-length Haplotypes using Genomic Data of Single Gamete Cells

base2numConvert genotype coded in A/T/C/G to 0/1
crossoverCrossover information across all gamete cells
gamete11Haplotypes of a single gamete cell for visualization
gmtRaw genotyping data
hapiAssembleConsensus haplotype assembly
hapiAssembleEndAssembly of haplotypes in regions at the end of a chromosome
hapiAutoPhaseAutomatic inference of haplotypes
hapiBlockMPRMaximum Parsimony of Recombination (MPR) for proofreading of...
hapiCVClusterFilter out hetSNPs in potential complex regions
hapiCVDistanceHistogram of crossover distance
hapiCVMapVisualization of crossover map
hapiCVResolutionHistogram of crossover resolution
hapiFilterErrorFilter out hetSNPs with potential genotyping errors
hapiFrameSelectionSelection of hetSNPs to form a framework
hapiGameteViewVisualization of haplotypes in a single gamete cell
hapiIdentifyCVIndentify crossovers in gamete cells
hapiImupteImputation of missing genotypes in the framework
Hapi-packageHapi is a novel easy-to-use package that only requires 3 to 5...
hapiPhasePhase draft haplotypes by majority voting
hg19Chromosome information of hg19
num2baseConvert genotype coded in 0/1 to A/T/C/G
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