Man pages for Keyeoh/svconfound
A simple SVD/SVA confounding analysis framework

compute_significance_dataCompute associations with phenotypical variables.
compute_significance_data_var_namesCompute associations with phenotypical variables.
cut_pvaluesCut p-values.
get_control_variablesGet control variables.
get_p_valueGet p-value from F statistic data.
get_var_namesGet variable names suitable for analysis.
phenopartPartial phenotype information for smallmeth
plot_significancePlot results of SVD/SVA confounder analysis.
plot.SVAAnalysisPlot results of SVA confounder analysis.
plot.SVDAnalysisPlot results of SVD confounder analysis.
plot_svd_screePlot ratio of explained variance.
screeplot.SVAAnalysisPlot ratio of explained variance.
screeplot.SVDAnalysisPlot ratio of explained variance.
smallmethSmall methylation example dataset
sva_analysisPerform SVA confounder analysis
svd_analysisPerform SVD confounder analysis.
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