Man pages for LabTranslationalArchitectomics/riboWaltz
Optimization of ribosome P-site positioning in ribosome profiling data

bamtobedFrom BAM files to BED files.
bamtolistFrom BAM files to lists of data tables or GRangesList...
bedtolistFrom BED files to lists of data tables or GRangesList...
cds_coverageNumber of in-frame P-sites per coding sequence.
codon_coverageNumber of reads per codon.
codon_usage_psiteEmpirical codon usage indexes.
create_annotationAnnotation data table.
frame_psitePercentage of P-sites per reading frame.
frame_psite_lengthPercentage of P-sites per reading frame stratified by read...
length_filterRead length filtering.
metaheatmap_psiteRibosome occupancy metaheatmaps at single-nucleotide...
metaprofile_psiteRibosome occupancy metaprofiles at single-nucleotide...
psiteRibosome P-sites position within reads.
psite_infoUpdate reads information according to the inferred P-sites.
psite_offsetP-site offsets
reads_listReads information
reads_psite_listReads details updated with P-site information
region_psitePercentage of P-sites per transcript region.
rends_heatMetaheatmaps of the two extremities of the reads.
rlength_distrRead length distributions.
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