Man pages for LabTranslationalArchitectomics/riboWaltz
Optimization of ribosome P-site positioning in ribosome profiling data

bamtobedConvert BAM files into BED files.
bedtolistConvert a list of BED files into a list of data frames.
codon_usage_psiteCompute and plot the usage of the codons.
create_annotationCreate an annotation data frame.
frame_psiteCompute the number of P-sites per frame.
frame_psite_lengthCompute the number of P-sites per frame for each read length.
metaheatmap_psitePlot ribosome occupancy metaheatmap at single-nucleotide...
metaprofile_psitePlot ribosome occupancy metaprofiles at single-nucleotide...
psiteIdentify the ribosome P-site position along the reads.
psite_infoUpdates reads information adding features associated to the...
psite_per_cdsCompute the number of P-sites per coding sequence.
region_psitePlot percentage of P-site per transcript region.
rends_heatPlot metaheatmaps of the read ends.
rlength_distrPlot read length distributions.
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