Man pages for Liuy12/MBDDiff
MBDDiff for processing MBDcap-seq datasets

bedtoolsrCounting reads mapped to a specified region using bedtools
CalculateTPMCalculate transcript per million (TPM) for count matrix
GetChromLengthRetrive chromsome length information from UCSC database
GetPromoterAnnoRetrive promoter annotation from UCSC database
heatmap.3More customized heatmap that allow control over color key
IdentifyBackgroundIdentify annotation for background noise
MBDDiffPerforming differential methylation analysis based on...
MBDDiff-packageMBDDiff for processing MBDcap-seq datasets
MethyEnrichQuality control of MBDcap-seq datasets
pcaplot2d and 3d sample relationship plot
PromoterCountExample Datasets used in the manual pages
ShowAvailableOrgShow a list of available organisms from UCSC database
SummerizebgSummerizing background noise for each promoter region
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