Man pages for MathOnco/EvoFreq
Clonal Dynamic Visualizations

animate_evogramanimate_evogram View changes in the dendrogram over time. Has...
cmap_hex_listHex codes
example.easy.long.edgesClone edges in Easy Long Format
example.easy.long.sizesClone information dataset in Easy Long Format
example.easy.wideClone information dataset in Easy Wide Format
example.easy.wide.with.attributesClone information dataset in Easy Wide Format
example.long.clonesClone information dataset in Long Format
example.long.edgesClone information dataset in Long Format
example.wideClone information dataset in Wide Format
get_evofreqget_evofreq Collect information to plot frequency dynamics
get_evogramget_evogram Collect information to plot dendrogram
get_mutation_df'get_mutation_df' Converts sizes to the frequency of the...
long_to_wide_freq_readyConvert data in long format to wide format...
parse_calderparse_calder Parse Calder outputs to visualize using EvoFreq.
parse_phylowgsparse_phylowgs Parse phylowgs outputs to visualize using...
plot_evofreq'plot_evofreq' Plots the frequency dynamics using ggplot. Can...
plot_evogramplot_evogram Plot dendrogram
update_colorsupdate_colors Update the colors of clones in the frequency...
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