Man pages for MonashBioinformaticsPlatform/varistran
Variance Stabilizing Transformations appropriate for RNA-Seq expression data

call_uiCall object with "request" if it is callable.
composable_shiny_appComposable Shiny App.
ensure_reactableFlexible specification of parameters to shiny apps.
ensure_reactiveMake a value reactive if it is not already reactive.
heatmap_grobA grob for heatmaps.
make_orderingMake an object representing an ordering, usually from a...
ordering_grobGrob to display an ordering as a dendrogram.
plot_biplotBiplot of expression data
plot_heatmapPlot a heatmap.
plot_stabilityStability plot.
run_as_gadgetRun a composable shiny app as a gadget.
shiny_biplotShiny wrapper for plot_biplot
shiny_filterShiny component to filter rows and columns a matrix.
shiny_heatmapShiny wrapper for plot_heatmap
shiny_mds_plotShiny wrapper for limma's MDS plot
shiny_plotShiny plot.
shiny_reportShiny report
shiny_stabilityShiny wrapper for plot_stability
shiny_vstShiny component to describe the output of a call to vst.
shrinktext_grobA collection of horizontal labels which shrink if they get...
signed_colorsA red-blue palette suitable for signed data.
unsigned_colorsA palette from cool to hot.
varistran_grobMake a grob better.
vertical_shrinktext_grobA collection of vertical labels which shrink if they get too...
vstVariance Stabilizing Transformation
vst_adviceAdvise how VST will transform data
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