Man pages for OHDSI/EmpiricalCalibration
Routines for Performing Empirical Calibration of Observational Study Estimates

calibrateConfidenceIntervalCalibrate confidence intervals
calibratePCalibrate the p-value
caseControlOdds ratios from a case-control design
cohortMethodRelative risks from a new-user cohort design
computeTraditionalCiCompute the (traditional) confidence interval
computeTraditionalPCompute the (traditional) p-value
convertNullToErrorModelConvert empirical null distribution to systematic error model
evaluateCiCalibrationEvaluate confidence interval calibration
fitMcmcNullFit the null distribution using MCMC
fitNullFit the null distribution
fitSystematicErrorModelFit a systematic error model
grahamReplicationRelative risks from an adjusted new-user cohort design
plotCalibrationCreate a calibration plot
plotCalibrationEffectPlot the effect of the calibration
plotCiCalibrationCreate a confidence interval calibration plot
plotCiCalibrationEffectPlot true and observed values
plotCiCoverageCreate a confidence interval coverage plot
plotErrorModelPlot the systematic error model
plotExpectedType1ErrorPlot the expected type 1 error as a function of standard...
plotForestCreate a forest plot
plotMcmcTracePlot the MCMC trace
plotTrueAndObservedPlot true and observed values
sccsIncidence rate ratios from Self-Controlled Case Series
simulateControlsSimulate (negative) controls
southworthReplicationRelative risks from an unadjusted new-user cohort design
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