Man pages for PNorvaisas/PFun
Framework For HT Workflows

adjustmentsExpand output of GLHT, calculate FDR
clustorderOrder factors using hierarchical clustering
contrast.adjustCalculate covariation and adjustments for contrasts
covariationCalculate covariation and adjustments for contrasts
enrichmentCalculate enrichment
getellipseCalculate ellipse for 2D distirbution
getresultsGet formated results from LM dataset
group.filterAdjustment of contrasts
HMapDraw heatmap
hypothesiseLinear Hypothesis Testing in HT manner using Dplyr
lmtestSimple linear modelling with 2-way interaction
MinMeanSDMaxCalculates Mean, SD, Min, Max for boxplot
multiplexMultiplex your data frame
PCAprepDraw heatmap
PlotEnrichmentPlot Enrichment data
pStarsGet clean significance stars
read.contrastsGet contrasts for Linear Hypothesis Testing in HT manner....
theme_HeatmapTheme Heatmap
theme_PNTheme Publication
theme_PublicationTheme Publication
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