ct.inputCheck: Check compatibility of a sample key with a supplied object

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Check compatibility of a sample key with a supplied object


For many gCrisprTools functions, a sample key must be provided that specifies sample mapping to experimental groups. The sample key should be provided as a single, named factor whose names exactly correspond to the 'colnames()' of the 'ExpressionSet' containing the count data to be processed (or coercible as such). By convention, the first level corresponds to the control sample group.

This function checks whether the specified sample key is of the proper format and has properties consistent with the specified object.


ct.inputCheck(sampleKey, object)



A named factor, where the levels indicate the experimental replicate groups and the names match the colnames of the expression matrix contained in object. The first level should correspond to the control samples, but obviously there is no way to algorithmically control this.


An ExpressionSet, EList, or matrix.


A logical indicating whether the objects are compatible.


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