Man pages for TGuillerme/dispRity
Measuring disparity in R

apply.NAApply inapplicable characters to a matrix.
BeckLeeBeck and Lee 2014 datasets
bhatt.coeffBhattacharrya Coefficient
boot.matrixBootstraps and rarefies data.
char.diffCharacter differences
check.morphoCheck a morphological matrix consistency levels.
Claddis.ordinationImports data from Claddis
clean.dataCleaning phylogenetic data
custom.subsamplesSeparating data into custom subsamples.
dispRityCalculates disparity from a matrix.
dispRity.metricDisparity metrics
dispRity-packageMeasuring Disparity in R
dispRity.per.groupDisparity in different groups.
dispRity.through.timeDisparity through time.
extract.dispRityExtracting disparity values.
fill.dispRityFills a 'dispRity' object.
geomorph.ordinationImports data from geomorph
get.bin.agesGet time bins ages
get.contrast.matrixGenerates a contrast matrix.
get.subsamplesExtracts subsamples from a dispRity object.
make.dispRityCreates a 'dispRity' object.
make.metricCreating disparity metrics
matrix.dispRityFetching a matrix from a 'dispRity' object.
merge.subsamplesCombines or cleans subsamples.
nodes.coordinatesNodes coordinates
null.testTesting a null hypothesis on multidimensional data.
pair.plotPlots pairwise comparisons
plot.char.diffPlots character differences
plot.dispRitydispRity object plotting
print.dispRityPrints a 'dispRity' object.
random.circleRandom circle
scale.dispRityScaling and centering disparity results.
sim.morphoSimulates morphological data.
size.subsamplesSize subsamples.
slice.treeTime slicing a tree.
sort.dispRitySorting or ordering a 'dispRity' object.
space.makerCreating multidimensional spaces
summary.dispRitydispRity object summary
test.dispRityTesting disparity hypotheses
time.subsamplesSeparating data in time subsamples.
tree.ageCalculating the age of nodes and tips in a tree.
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