Man pages for ThomasTaus/poolSeq
Simulate and Analyze Pool-seq Data

afAllele frequencies
af.trajAllele frequency trajectories
allelesAllelic information
checkSNPObtaine Appropriate SNPs for Ne Estimation
chi.sq.testVectorized Pearson's Chi-squared Test for Count Data
cmh.testVectorized Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel Test for Count Data
compareSHCompare Selection Coefficients and Dominance between...
consensus.trajConsensus Allele Frequency Trajectory
coverageSequence coverages
dmelEREvolve and Resequencing Data
estimateNeEstimate Effective Population Size
estimateSHEstimate Selection Coefficient and Dominance
estimateWndNeEstimate Effective Population Size for Genome-Wide Data
fixationBiasBias Correction
lm.sEstimate s with LLS
nls.shEstimate s and h with NLS
polarizationPolarization of allele frequencies
poolSeq-packageAnalyze Pool-seq Data
read.syncRead Sync-File Format
sample.allelesSample alleles
scaleAFScale Allele Frequencies
splitLocusIDSplit Locus ID
syncSync Object - Creation and Usage
wf.trajSimulate Random Genetic Drift
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