tcplWriteLvl0: Write level 0 screening data into the tcpl databases

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tcplWriteLvl0 takes a data.table with level 0 screening data and writes the data into the level 0 tables in the tcpl databases.





data.table, the screening data to load


Character of length 1, the data type, "sc" or "mc"


This function appends data onto the existing table. It also deletes all the data for any acids or aeids dat contains from the given and all downstream tables.

Before writing any data the function maps the assay component source name(s) (acsn) to assay component id (acid), ensures the proper class on each field and checks for every test compound sample id (spid where wllt == "t") in the tcpl chemical database. If field types get changed a warning is given listing the affected fields and they type they were coerced to. If the acsn(s) or spid(s) do not map to the tcpl databases the function will return an error and the data will not be written.

The data type can be either 'mc' for mutliple concentration data, or 'sc' for single concentration data. Multiple concentration data will be loaded into the level tables, whereas the single concentration will be loaded into the single tables.


This function should only be used to load level 0 data.

See Also

tcplCascade, tcplAppend

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