Model Data Assimilation - Lakes

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By: Jordan Read, Luke Winslow, Gretchen Hansen

This code base is part of the modeling effort for Wisconsin Lakes. Please reference our paper on this work.


Just musing here...

Want to encapsulate as much of the whole WiLMA running process in one file as possible. A single model run could look like this


#Setup and run model
run_glm_chained(site_id='805400', path='~/run_dir')
#the above function writes all relevant information for that lake to the directory
# this includes grabbing the driver file and generating the NML file.
# then runs the model

#There could be different functions that run the model in different ways
run_glm(site_id='805400', path='~/run_dir')
#this does a non-chained run

####Important: Why not have a separate "setup" function
# That is challenging. We don't know if the user wants to do a chained run
# so we may not setup the ice data (or it is wasted setup because it is not used)
# So the key thing at this stage is having functions that setup the workspace
# as they need them and run the model as they need them, leaving the NCDF files around
# for later analysis.

#### Hmmm, how do the below functions know the lakeID? 
##    standardized metadata file?
#Once the model is run, calculated some habitat metrics
habitat_metrics = calculate_habitat_chained(path='~/run_dir')
habitat_metrics_krose = calculate_habitat_chained_krose(path='~/run_dir')

#Maybe compare to validation data
cal_val = run_compare_validation(run_path='~/run_dir')


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