Man pages for USGS-R/mda.lakes
Tools for combining models, data, and processing for lakes

area_light_temp_thresholdCalculate the average benthic area within temperature and...
area_light_thresholdCalculate the average benthic area within light thresholds
area_temp_thresholdCalculate the average benthic area within temperature...
calc_mod_obs_metricCalculate limno metrics for lots of lakes
calc_stratified_periodsCalculate all stratified periods based on temp threshold
calc_tohacalculate the Thermal Optical Habitat Area (TOHA) for a given...
calc_toha_statsCalc standard stats on TOHA for a given lake
combine_output_datacombine full sim run output data
comb_output_tableCombine file-based table output
create_irr_day_cycleEstimate a full irradiance diurnal cycle
download_helperDownload helper to handle retries
driver_add_burnin_yearsDuplicate n years of initial data
driver_add_rainAdd rain to specific month
driver_nldas_debias_airt_swDebias a driver dataset using NLDAS
driver_nldas_wind_debiasDebias NLDAS wind
driver_saveSave a driver data.frame to a temporary file
fix_ice_on_offFix ice on/off for no-ice
getAreaGet lake surface area
getBathyGet Hypsometry for a given lake
getCanopyGet surrounding canopy height for a given lake
getCDGet coefficient of wind drag for a given lake or given wind...
getClarityGet light attenuation coefficient for a given lake
get_driver_indexReturn the driver file index table
get_driver_pathReturn driver file location for given lake
get_driver_wbicInternal function for WBIC drivers
getElevationGet surface elevation for a given lake
getIceOffGet the ice off date for a given lake
getIceOnGet the ice on date for a given lake
get_ice_onoffGet Ice On/Off Dates
getLatLonGet latitude and longitude for a given lake
getPerimGet perimeter for a given lake
getResidenceTimeGet estimated lake residence time
getScenarioKdGet light attenuation based on long-term trend scenario for a...
getSDFGet shoreline development factor for a given lake
getWstrGet wind sheltering coefficient for a given lake
getZmaxGet max depth for a given lake
getZmeanGet mean depth for a given lake
interp_hypsoLinear interpolate hypsometry
LTER_NLDAS_gapperfits LTER data to NLDAS, uses NLDAS to gap-fill
necsc_thermal_metrics_coreCalculate core NECSC thermal metrics
opti_thermal_habitatCalculate optical thermal habitat using temp and light...
populate_base_lake_nmlCreate basic NML file object for a lake
prep_run_glm_kdPrepare and run model with Kd scenario
run_necsc_lakeLarge wrapper function NECSC mod run
sb_archive_modelUpload and archive model to ScienceBase
sens_seasonal_siteSeasonal, cross-site Sen's slope
set_driver_urlSet driver URL
summarize_notaroSummary stats for Notaro
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