Man pages for Vessy/sysBio
A package for modeling biological systems

addMAreactionAdding molecular reactions.
addMAreactRateAdding reaction rates
addParametersAdding parameters
addRuleAdding rules
addSpeciesAdding species
makeModelCreating a model
makeODEParametersCreating representation for reaction parameters
makeODERatesCreating representation for reaction rates
makeODERulesCreating representation for the rules
makeODEsCreating a residual function for the ODEs solver
makeProductCreating a product for reaction species
makeStMatCreating a stochastic matrix
makeStModelCreating a propensity function
newModelCreating a new model
parseComponentsParsing reaction components
parseReactionParsing reactions
plotResultsResults visualization
printInfoPrint information about the model
simulateModelModel simulation (ordinary differential equation solver)
solveStochModel simulation (stochastic simulation)
speciesDetailsGet info abour species included in the reaction
validateModelPrint information about the model
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