Man pages for WarrenDavidAnderson/dynamicNetworkID

format_errorFormat error
get_annotationsFormat simulation annotations
get_init_conditsInitial conditions
get_M_indicesm-value information
get_M_valsSelect M ranges
get_rateConstGet rate constants
get_XregX matrix for regression
getXYX and Y data
get_YregY vector for regression
HcomputeThe continuous Hartley transform
HMF1computeHMF spectral component of the 1st derivative
HMFcomputeHMF spectral component
HMF_fitSystem identification
multiorganMulti-organ gene expression data
odemodelDynamic model
scale_zeroOneNormalization 0,1
select_bestBest simulation
sim_bestImplement simulation
sim_errorSimulate the dynamic model and record the agreement with the...
sim_plotsPlot simulation data
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