Man pages for YuLab-SMU/GOSemSim
GO-terms Semantic Similarity Measures

clusterSimSemantic Similarity Between Two Gene Clusters
combineScorescombining similarity matrix to similarity score
geneSimSemantic Similarity Between two Genes
GOSemSimDATA-classClass "GOSemSimDATA" This class stores IC and gene to go...
GOSemSim-packageGene Ontology-based Sematic Similarity Measures
goSimSemantic Similarity Between Two GO Terms
go_term_tableInformation content of GO terms
infoContentMethodinformation content based methods
mclusterSimPairwise Semantic Similarities for a List of Gene Clusters
mgeneSimPairwise Semantic Similarity for a List of Genes
mgoSimSemantic Similarity Between two GO terms lists
tcss_cutoffdetermine the topological cutoff for TCSS method
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