Man pages for ZhenWei10/rBS2ndStructure
Filter the thermal stable RNA secondary structure

exbytx_hg19An GRangesList created by exonsBy(txdb).
exbytx_mm10An GRangesList created by exonsBy(txdb).
fulllengthExtract the full length transcripts sequences
rBS_2ndStructure_FilterRNA secondary structures filtering
rBS_dfAn example table of RNA bisulfite sequencing data processed...
rfold_assembly_txAssembly of RNA secondary structures
RNAfoldParallel computation of RNAfold
Single_RNAfoldGenerate the bash command of RNAfold
Struc_hg19MEA RNA 2ndary structures of hg19 exons predicted by RNAfold
Struc_mm10MEA RNA 2ndary structures of mm10 exons predicted by RNAfold
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