Man pages for aaronwolen/bingd
Bayesian integration of genomic data

annotate.gwasAnnotate GWAS makers with genomic features
as.GWASCreate a GWAS object
bingdbingd: bayesian integration of genomic data
cache.featuresDownload uncached AnnotationHub features
calc.bayesCalculate posterior probability of being an effective SNP
calc.conditionalsCalculate conditional probabilities for annotated features
calc.enrichCalculate enrichment of features across thresholds
calc.priorsCalculate prior probability of being a risk SNP
calc.thresholdCalculate p-value threshold for identifying risk SNPs
calc.zConvert p-values to z-scores
consolidateConsolidate each group of annotated features
fcolsExtract features from AnnotatedGWAS object
featureIndexAccess AnnotatedGWAS feature index
feature.labelsCreate pretty feature labels from the full RDataPaths
FeatureListFeatureList objects
featureOverlapsFind features overlapping GWAS markers
featuresExtract list of features from AnnotatedGWAS object
filter.featuresFilter FeatureList object based on search terms
findOverlapsFind features overlapping GWAS markers
hub.featuresRetrieve information about AnnotationHub features
load.featureLoad a local GRanges feature
local.featuresRetrieve information about local features
serial.enrichCalculate the enrichment of a particular discrete feature...
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