dataLiver: scRNA-Seq data from Yang et al

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scRNA-Seq data from Yang et al


The data has been normalized for library-size with cell-dependent scale-factors, and has been log-transformed with a pseudocount of 1.1




Normalized and log-transformed scRNA-Seq data representing a differentiation timecourse of hepatoblasts into hepatocytes and cholangiocytes. Genes have been annotated to unique human Entrez gene IDs. There are 447 cells in total and 7 different timepoints (embryonic stages).


Upon loading the data object, we find the following:

  • scLiver.m: the scRNA-Seq data matrix.

  • phenoLiver.v: a vector of timepoints matching the columns of scLiver.m.

  • colorLiver.v: a color vector for the timepoints.


Yang L et al. A single-cell transcriptomic analysis reveals precise pathways and regulatory mechanisms underlying hepatoblast differentiation. Hepatology 2017.

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