Man pages for andrewparkermorgan/rplasmodium
Dumb Utility Functions for Malaria Genomics

chromnamesGet chromosome names
chromsizesGet named vector of chromosome sizes in specified genome...
dot-match_genomeGuess a specific genome assembly from given character string.
encode_countryConvert country names to standard codes
factor_chromSanitize chromosome names
is_nuclearCheck if chromosome names are in nuclear genome
recomb_map_pf3d7Genetic map for P. falciparum genome
regions_pf3d7Segmentation of P. falciparum genome into "core" and...
regions_pvsal1Segmentation of P. vivax genome into "core" and hypervariable...
same_genomeCheck if chromosome vectors are from same genome
scale_x_genomeSensible continuous horizontal axis for genomic coordinates
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