Man pages for annecori/mRIIDSprocessData
Epidemiological forcasting using real-time data

chebyshev_ineq_sampleChebyshev Inequality with sample mean. Utilizes Chebyshev...
ctestTest if two samples were drawn from a Poisson distribution...
deviance_avgEstimated average deviance
dicDeviance Information Criterion
disaggregateReturn disaggregated counts
disaggregate_distrQuantiles for disaggregated count distribution
filter_case_countFilter the case count for parameters of interest.
gravity_model_flowComputes the flow from A to B under the gravity model
incidence.from.DS1Compute incidence from data stream 1
interval_width_for_pInterval width for Chebysev Inequality with sample mean.
is_outlierTests for outlier.
log_likelihood_tLog likelihood under given model.
merge_duplicatesMerge dulplicate records in the incidence count.
merge_dup_lines_DS1Merge duplicated lines from data stream 1
params_effEffective number of unconstrained parameters in the model
projectProject future incidence at a location Simulates future...
remove_last_outliersOutlier Removal
sample_projectionsDraw random sample from a list of data frames
shuffle_colsShuffle columns of data frame
update_cases_columnUpdate the case count with a column for dates and a column...
week_to_maxdateWeek of year to date conversion
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