Man pages for antiphon/Kdirectional
Analysis of anisotropy in point patterns using second order statistics

angle_2_unitAngle to unit vector
angles.binbin angles
angles.cdfCumulative distribution function and pointwise CI
angles.flowerPlot a rose of directions for a set of angles
angles.smoothsmoothen an histogram of angles
anisotropy_abs_fastFast absolute anisotropy statistic
anisotropy_profileAnisotropy profile for given diagonal transformations
as_bbpolyTurn something into a bbpoloy
bartletts_spectral_densityBartlett's spectral density
bbox2bbpolyConstruct a bbpoly from column range matrix
bbox2bbquadConstruct a bbquad from column range matrix
bbox_affineAffine transformation of a bbox or bbquad
bbox_dimBounding box dimension
bbox_distancedistance from points to bbox border
bbox_makecompute the bounding box for coordinates
bbox_sideLengthsBounding box side lengths
bbox_volumeBounding box volume
bbpoly2bboxReturn the bounding box of a bbpoly
bbpoly_affineAffine transformation of a polytope
bbpoly_correct_facesCheck and correct for orientation of faces
bbpoly_defaultRegular bounding box as a polytope
bbpoly_intersectionIntersection of two polytopes
bbpoly_planesSurface planes of bbpoly
bbpoly_simplexSimplex object
bbpoly_simplicesSplit a polytope to simplices.
bbpoly_volumeVolume of a bbpoly
bbquad2bboxReturn the bounding box of a bbquad
bbquad_affineAffine transformation of a bbquad
bbquad_defaultRegular bounding box as bounding box of quadrilaterals
bbquad_distanceDistance from points to bbquad walls
bbquad_edgesGet the edges of the quad box
bbquad_planesSurface planes
bbquad_simplicesTriangulate a bbquad
bbquad_volumeVolume of a bbquad
check_bbpolyCheck with error
check_directionsSector computation directions
check_ppcheck pattern format
confint.fryellipsoidsConfidence intervals for Fry ellipsoids
coord_affineAffine transfomration of coordinates
crossCross-product of two 3D vectors
dDirectionalNearest neighbour directional distribution (old version)
deg2radDegree to radian
DFTCompute the Discrete Fourier Transform of a point pattern
directed_geomDirected geometric graph
direction.gridMake a direction grid
dist_point_to_planePoint to plane distance
draw.arcDraw arc
Fest_along_axisCompute all directed F functions along axis
Fest_directionalDirected F, empty space function
flower.pcf_directionsPlot a angluar plot of the pcf_directions, 2D
fry_ellipsoidsFit second order intensity ellipses or ellipsoids
fry_ellipsoids2Fit second order intensity ellipses or ellipsoids
fry_orientation_densitySecond order orientation density
fry_pointsFry points
geomgeometric graph
GestEstimate the nearest neighbour distance distribution
getYmultCorrect for aspect and coordinate ratio
GsectorDirectional Nearest neighbour distribution(old)
intensity_at_pointsKernel Estimate Intensity at Data Points
intensity_bandwidth_profileFind the optimal smoothing for intensity estimation kernel...
intensity_somewhereKernel Estimate Intensity at non-Data locations
is.bbpolycheck class bbpoly
is.bbquadcheck class bbquad
KdirectionalSome tools for analysing the isotropy of spatial point...
Kest_along_axisCompute all directed K functions along axis
Kest_aninAnisotropic and Inhomogeneous K function
Kest_anin_cylinderAnisotropic and Inhomogeneous K function, cylinder version
Kest_directionalDirected K function
Kest_directional_oldDirected K function, old and slow
knnanglek-th nearest neighbour angles and distances
ks.test2Kolmogorov-Smirnov test using ecdf's
lines.anisotropyprofileLines method for "anisotropyprofile"
markcorr_aninInhomogeneous anisotropic mark-correlation function, sector...
markcorr_anisotropicAnisotropic mark correlation function, direction vector...
nnanglenearest neighbour angles and distances
nnangle_conenearest neighbour angles and distances given that angles are...
nn_directional_angle_distributionNearest neighbour directional distribution (new version)
nn_directional_distance_distributionDirectional nearest neighbour distribution
nn_directional_distance_distribution_globalDirectional nearest neighbour distribution, global version
nn_directional_distance_distribution_localDirectional nearest neighbour distribution, local version
nn_orientation_densityNearest neighbour angle density
osKOhser-Stoyan K-function
owin_to_bboxTurn spatstat window object to bbox
pairwise_vectorsCompute pairwise distances and angles
parse_marksParse input for marks
pcf_aninInhomogeneous anisotropic pcf function, sector version
pcf_anin_cylinderInhomogeneous anisotropic pcf function, cylinder version
pcf_anin_fryInhomogeneous anisotropic pcf function, non-spherical version
pcf_anisotropicAnisotropic pair correlation function
pcf_anisotropic_oldAnisotropic pair correlation function, old version
pcf_directionalDirected pcf function
pcf_directionsAnisotropic pair correlation function, direction vector...
pcf_sectorSector pair correlation function
periodogramBartlett's periodogram
periodogram_MRPeriodogram as in Mugglestone and Renshaw 2001
pKolmogorovLimiting distribution of the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test...
plot2d.pcf_anisotropicmethod plot2d for anisotropic pcf-function
plot.anisotropyprofilePlot method for "anisotropyprofile"
plot.bbpolyPlot bbpoly object
plot.bbquadPlot bbquad object
plot.confint_fryellipsoidsPlot confidence intervals
plot.f_conePlot a typical conical directed function of range
plot.fryellipsoidsplot method for fryellipsoids
plot.intensity_bwQuick plot for intensity bw object
plot.K_aninPlot Kest_anin object
plot.markcorr_aninPlot markcorr_anin object
plot.nnanglePlot for nnangle
plot.os_Kmethod plot for O-S K-function
plot.pcf_aninPlot pcf_anin object
plot.pcf_anisotropicmethod plot for anisotropic pcf-function
plot.pcf_directionsPlot for pcf_directions
poly2bbpolybbpoly from 2d polygon given by x and y coordinates
poly_to_bbquadbbquad from 2d polygon
print.anisotropyprofileprint for anisotropy profile
print.anisotropyprofile.summaryPrint method for "anisotropyprofile" summary
print.bbpolyprint method for bbpoly, a cuboid made of quads
print.bbquadprint method for bbquad, a cuboid made of quads
print.confint_fryellipsoidsPrint method for confint_fryellipsoid
print.fryellipsoidsPrint method for fryellipsoids
print.intensity_bwPrint for intensity bw object
print.nnanglePrint for nearest neighbour angles
rad2degRadians to degree
redenbach_border_termThe erosion of window with sector
rosenbergRosenberg Wavelet Transform
sectorplotPlot a sector estimate
simplex_volumeVolume of a simplex
spectrumMugglestone and Renshaw's polar spectrums
summary.anisotropyprofileSummary for anisotropy profile
summary.confint_fryellipsoidsSummary method for confint_fryellipsoid
summary.nnangleSummary method for nearest neighbour angles
theta_2_unittheta (angle) to unit vector, list format input
three_points_to_planeThree points to a plane
translation_weightsTranslation correction weights for point pattern
triangulate_indices_cohen_hickeyTriangulate a polygon given by indices
unit_2_angleUnit vector to angle
unit_2_thetaunit vector to theta (angle) list format input
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